Baseline integration with RUM Archive and RUMvision

RUM Archive has launched a new tool to provide web developers with insights into worldwide browser support for Baseline versions.

Last year, together with browser vendors in the WebDX Community Group, we launched Baseline, to bring clarity to information about browser support for web platform features. This information is starting to appear on sites like MDN, Can I Use, and more.

Baseline becomes even more helpful when integrated with the tools that you use every day. For example, if you adopt Baseline 2022 and therefore want to use no features newer than that, your IDE should let you know if you use a newer feature. Your linter and CI tooling should help the whole team keep on track.

We hope to see tooling like this available in the future, as the feature grouping work completes, however today we're able to announce integrations that will help you to decide what version of Baseline you want to target.

RUM Archive

The RUM Archive from Akamai is a publicly available dataset of Real User Monitoring (RUM) data. They publish RUM Insights, which is a page of the most important insights from their data. Now, you'll find Baseline support listed on this page. This data shows you the percentage of users that have browser versions included in the version of Baseline you have selected.

The integration on the RUMArchive.

You can also see a list of the features that are included by picking a certain version of Baseline. This can help you to understand the tradeoffs that you make when choosing a version to support.

Check out RUM Insights today and read the announcement from RUM Archive.

Coming soon—RUMVision integration

To understand the impact of new features on your existing user base, we're excited to announce that RUMvision will soon include Baseline data in the information it provides about your audience. This will help you to understand your audience's needs when planning a redesign or new feature for your site or application.

This is just the start

With the Web Features data becoming more complete every day, this is a great time to think about how you could integrate it. If you are a tooling provider and would like to talk to the team about the possibilities, get in touch and let us know.