Conclusion and next steps

Congratulations, you've made it through Learn Accessibility! At this point, you've learned a lot of best practices for accessibility and gone through multiple rounds of accessibility testing. You may have learned some new terminology or refreshed your memory in our glossary.

We hope you are confident applying these lessons to your websites and web applications.

Additional resources

To continue building your accessibility knowledge, we recommend the following resources:

More resources can be found throughout the modules, as related to each topic.

Community highlights

We conducted several interviews with accessibility practitioners in 2022. Read about their journey to accessibility and best practices:

  • Melanie Sumner told us about her journey into engineering, accessible design, Ember.js, and the importance of funding these efforts.
  • Olutimilehin Olushuyi told us about his transition from the law to web development, building accessible community, and creating accessible layouts.
  • Albert Kim told us about mental health awareness, building for invisible disabilities, the COGA Accessibility Community Group, and more practical wisdom.
  • Elisa Bandy told us about her work for Google's internal documentation, how to prioritize use cases, and building expertise.

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