Are you a visual or audio learner? We have a collection of videos about AI to help you learn more.

Machine Learning for Web Devs & Creatives

Watch these videos to learn AI fundamentals and discover TensorFlow JS.
This introduction is aimed creatives, web developers, and JavaScript practitioners interested in using machine learning in their next project or idea.
Learn the foundations and definitions for some of the industry's most used buzzwords, and what they actually refer to.
Here you'll learn about features and attributes for feature engineering, such that the data has the best chance of separation to classify for new unseen data.
Using pre-trained models can allow you to prototype an idea faster. In some cases, you can use these models in production.
Now you know what pre-trained models are, how do you select one to use in a real world project? Walk through a hypothetical real world scenario to learn more.
Learn the basics of how to interact with natural language models that recognize text instead of images.