Bundling for modern web applications

Addy Osmani
Addy Osmani

Modern web applications often use a bundling tool to create a production "bundle" of files (scripts, stylesheets, etc.) that is optimized, minified and can be downloaded in less time by your users. In Web Performance Optimization with webpack, we will walk through how to effectively optimize site resources using webpack. This can help users load and interact with your sites more quickly.

Webpack logo.

webpack is one of the most popular bundling tools in use today. Taking advantage of its features for optimizing modern code, code-splitting scripts into critical and non-critical pieces and stripping out unused code (to name but a few optimizations) can ensure your app has a minimal network and processing cost.

Before and after applying JavaScript
  optimizations. Time-to-Interactive is improved  

Inspired by Code-splitting in Bundle Buddy by Susie Lu

Let’s get started by looking at optimizing one of the costliest resources in a modern app – JavaScript.